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  • no its all stock i havent fitted anything on it and can you tell me what you think on the list of stuff i sent you in a private message
    Hi. Are you the guy who contacted DDM for spares? If so, I did send out a repair kit to them for them to ship it to you. Please let me know thru Private Message section.

    Hy Mick, the motor is a RCMK CR300F by Gizmo motors in FL.
    Gizmo is a new sponser on the forum. i'll post up some pics. in a few days of the motor i put them in my sons 5T & the other 5B i run the zen G290 in my B. and its getten hot now.
    Hi Mick things are good on this side of the pond.
    Haven't had the trucks out much been working on them
    Put the new gezmo motors in too of them. Need to put new sevros in them next
    And new batters. Hope all is well at your Baja house
    Mike from FL
    Hey mate been building my baja up and came to fit the air filter and realised I have no carb spoke to the guy I got it off he said he got a upgraded engine but came with no carb lol can you recommend a carb for me and wer to get it from the guy said he'd refund me the price of one I'm based in uk so uk seller ideally thanks for your help mate ?
    hey up budy hows things so whens the meet can we make it on a weekend this time budy so let me know and we can sort it
    and we can have a few beers lol
    hello budy i am good thae rig is runing sweet i am up for a meet when you am read good to hear from you budy
    hey up bud hows it going if you am up for a meet soon we will all come up to you budy you have come down here loads so let me know and we will sort it out
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