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    28th jan Round 4 of the Mmr indoor winter series

    Well the first one of 2012 I'm sure it will be busy, booking in is at 7pm do come along and have a great night running any scale you wish. And now Mmr has a fully working mini z track with 8 cars.
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    My 5b flowsystem pipe

    It a nice track pipe and very well made its paired with a bzm 28.5 and it's a absolute monster. The copper seals work a treat aswell
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    ?Mmr indoor Christmas cart and bash 28th?

    Well it's that time of year again where we go carting for the night and run the track with the Rc cars. It truely is a awesome night out
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    Bzm 28

    A few pics of the sweet lookin bzm 28
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    Track open day no2. 28th of august

    As top the Mmr track will be free for another open day. This is a brilliant track for all abblities with jumps, banks, high speed straights and twisty turns. And with a onsite shop and facilities it's a great day out. Adress of the track: Hangar 88, Hullavington Airfield, Hullavington...
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    Matts ball drive review

    Well as most of you may know I was one of the first people to test and run these. So after over three months and 30 plus tanks it was time to do some maintaince on the system. I have driven my car very hard as most of you know I always do. If it be sending the car through windows or endurance...
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    Mmr track complete :-)

    Well after alot of hard work the Mmr track is all finished and ready for the festival. They are holding an open day on Sunday the 3rd. Everyones welcome
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    the south west bashers

    just wondering how many bashers are from the south west of england
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    any 1 from bristol

    just tryin to get a few more bashin down south :tongue::tongue:
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    keeps on cutting out

    the engine will only run on choke. when i take it off the engine just runs dry i have got an after market air filter tried resseting to base but still the same i have cleaned carb (stripted appart) but still the same:no:
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    new dog bone boots

    just fitted the darksoul boots and a few pics of my baja:scooter:
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    keep rounding my main drive gear (plastic)

    done 3 in 6 weeks any suggestions checkted all barings and mesh all ok but keeps doing it (stock)