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  • Morning MB.

    I noticed my Visitor listing shows Break Friendship. Don't want to do that.

    I tried clicking on it and clicked "No" but it still shows up.????????

    Anyways I can't wait to hear that bad boy rip. Brushless lipo boats will tear your eardrums right out.

    Have a great day.
    Dont bother with 6s, just get a 5s 3700mah pack and the mmm2200kv combo and your set. Also the neu castle is made in china and although its not quite as good as the real deal they are said to be close.
    yea we were thinking of getting the combo! mamba uses neu motors right? and how would you run 5s like just i big bat or in seires? im sure we would feed 6s to it whenever were felling lucky...!
    I converted a voilator 9.5 ofna buggy and I currently run a mamba monster on 5s with a neu 1515 2d 2050kv motor, you should do a mamba monster 2200kv combo with a 5s 3300mah pack and I would go to rc-monster for those items because they are the best out their and treat their customers great.
    sorry! didnt think to look back on your page.... but were converting a hyper 7 probably using a mamba monster esc, not sure on what motor yet... neu has way to many!
    i was almost in faibanks, well as close as can be and still in canada. i was up in beaver creek i imagine you have been through there before. if you havent your not missing much the road is shit gas steep food is dangerous. next time you travel south take your baja stop by in whitehorse and we will go to the desert.
    Ok, i am pretty easy to find there, the easiest way to fine me is to.
    (1) go to community
    (2) click on Whine&cheese
    (3) click on the thread "got a question"

    It is a place where my buddies and me talk, but beware of "pictures" that you might come across. :D
    Do you have a username?

    BTY, if you run into me on there, i am a COMPLETLEY different person.

    Same username as on here.

    And i collect case knives and have custom's made.
    Cool I just joined, I have 4 microtech otf's....30 Italian picklocks and swinguards and three burn customs and I am getting a picklock pat havlin. Whats your user name on bladeforums? And what kind of knives do you have?
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