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    Lunatik number plate kit
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    Brake kit testers needed

    Serious racers only. Losi 5ive T model. Please provide race event schedule. Testing will require written documentation. Email information to [email protected]
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    Losi brake kit

    Prototype brake kit - high performance sintered brake pads bonded to the stock steel plates.
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    CC racing ProMod burnout

    Test 1 2
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    New samba pipe

    Looks badass!
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    5ive-T - HPI 5T side by side

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    Titanium turnbuckle set

    Stock steel set weight - 136 grams Losi titanium set weight - 84 grams
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    Supercross 2012

    Are you ready for some SUPERCROSS????
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    Rabid update

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    Walking Dead

    This shit is getting intense!!
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    Instructions for FLM wide a-arms?

    Install instructions?
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    7-8 HP motors?

    Been gone for a while. Looks like quite a few big numbers on some new motors, anybody running any of the new single cylinders? I've got a BZ coming, cant wait!
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    RC planet / Integy

    Havnt been here in a while do to business commitments. Just stumbled onto Rcplanet and saw that Integy has ripped off just about every idea that the creative folks on this forum have designed. I mean just about every single part. Pipes, starters,'s not even worth typing them all. Must...
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    WSBK @ Monza

    206 mph Badass top end track, big action!!