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  • hey Bob, Dennis Anderson (Grave Digger) has posted his Oct. dates they are the 16th-18th of Oct. I leave on the 16th of OCT. for the OBX, maybe we can finally meet if you guys go. I won't have anything to run. When my wife and go to the OBX I take my vette, so won't be anyroom for my B
    Dude...I'm glade I finally took the time to come out and see you guys. I had a GREAT time! I know one thing... the Choo Choo eatery needed a little spice in there live. I'm glade I was the one to give it to em.. I don't know but for some reason I manage to leave my mark were ever I go. Defiantly have to come back out and thanks again for putting up with me & Debbie thanks you too...lol!
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