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  • Hi there,
    How are you doing??? Your business flowing smooth right??? I hope every thing going OK with you and your crew up there. Keep me in post all time pls...
    hey kent this is beerman harry Sheldon what lipo or life pack will work in the losi xl buggy I seen your video it looks like your battery was big for radio box but I want to get something that will fit the box are you making a box for this I heard somewhere
    How's it going? Last season I cheaped out and bought an off brand kill switch that wound up not even being compatible with my remote. I learned my lesson and just ordered yours along with the v3 light controller from ddm. Hopefully it get here tomorrow. My question to you is ... CN I operate both systems with my 3 channel remote. I have a spektrum dx3. I hope I didn't waste more money.
    I posted a question on your thread about a lighting problem when you get the chance could you let me know what you think, i want to get this baby back together so i can run, right now i in limbo unless i just run it like it is and i am compulsive when it comes to everything working properly.Lol by the way i love your products everything i have bought has been A-1 except this light, This is the first problem i have had with one of your products, but i am still satisfied everything has a problem once and awhile.
    Thanks for great service.
    Are the instructions for the v1 killer bee still online somewhere? I got one over a year ago and haven't got it installed yet. Thanks for your help.

    Ryan Eekhoff
    Hi, wondering if you carry ( or is it even available ) an LED that actually works as a brake light for the Baja? I know you make a LED bar but this is a constant hookup to the battery, correct? Thanks for any info.
    Hi, i just purchased the losi 5t. I had a v1 killer bee that i kept from my baja. When i plug it into the losi the buzzer won't turn off. Im using the same receiver but i installed a 30 c 4200mah orion life battery...is this the problem?....thanks in advance..
    kent it say you pm messages is full. What is the price difference between the 13" extension vice the 20" with the LED ?
    have a question. i just got four of your LED lights, the light controller, and i already had one of your kill switches. question is the radio box was pretty full what with kill switch, 3 chan. rec. and ddm battery pack. A twofold question. first where/how do you suggest placing the light controller as to not interfear with anything else, and protech it. the second part is how would you suggest running/stowing the large amount of wire. im running side pods on the roll cage and a mount in front of the the front shock tower with two more. picture/ links would be helpfull.

    thanks alot,
    Hey Ken. I was doing some reading. The v1 and v2 are the same thing for my 4pk. Only difference is that the v1 I can turn off with my third channel. If i wanting to run the light controller would I be better with the v2 so I have the 3rd channel for lights.
    Yo Pb2themax, I have the killer B kill switch on my Baja. The green light blinks when I turn my car on then lights go out when the radion is turned on. Then I get no spark. When I remove the switch and put in the stock kill switch I get spark. I even tried both Red Switches. No Luck. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

    purchased some parts off of your website thursday night and was wondering do you have any tracking info ,also i never recieved confirmation .parts purchased was the life pack and a buzzer under the name ricky johnson thanx
    sent a friend request, saw your post at area54's track forum, give Rob a call, great guy to chat w/ track is being built as we speak, 13 ft drivers stand..i hope we get enough guys to run, it will be awesome to have a track to run at, p.s waiting on tax return to order your turn buckles and limiting cables..can't wait to get them..i'm in hilliard/columbus, about 35 mins from the track, hit me up on pm, ideas for track layout etc., i'll be talking to the track owner on a reg basis, and he talked about me doing a test run as soon as it's built to see how the baja run's on it, would you be interested in testing as well?..the guy would love to see baja's at his track, and will maybe change layout to suit them..if testing doesn't work out
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