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    WTB Wtb a 70cc

    Mite be a long shot but I am looking to buy a 70cc if you have one that you would like to sell pm me with pics and a price
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    Will nitrous work on a stock 26cc

    How well would this run on a stock 26cc or would it just blow it up
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    Just orderd a set on the Innovative shocks

    I am happy about that I hope they hold up to my twin power and my crazy driving
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    Radio box mods??

    I know monster man is making one but I need one soon so can anyone post some pics of there modded boxes
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    Best clutch for a twin

    I have the one 57cc and I am looking for a good clutch what do the twin guys use I just bash that's all
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    Who makes the pull start extension

    Who makes the pull start Handel extension
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    When dose the race season start for this year

    on I think the last race or so of last years season I wanted to race but was kinda late so this year I am planing to do a few so when dose it start if anyone knows and is there anyone from around the lodi area that's goes to the track
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    Where to buy suh wheel adaptors

    Can not find them anyone know where I can pick them up at
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    Striped out the exhaust bolt hole how to tap

    Some how and I do not know how I stripped out my exhaust bolt hole on my twin omg well now I need to retap it if I even can but I can't find the right size for a tap kit can some one steering me in the right direction
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    Dose it matter if my return line is set to low

    If my fuel line return is set to lie like half way down the tank dose that matter
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    Ez start for twin

    So I just ordered the ez start for the twin I looks like a good mod I seen that some guys use washers for the gap and not the big spacers do the washers come in the kit or am I going to have to get my own
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    What pipes work for the twins

    I kinda do not like the pipes that you get with the obr twins they make power that's good but I just want to know is there any others that work with them other then the two big hump ones
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    How do you start your twin

    I would like to know how you guys start your twin because I hate starting mine cause I have to pull the dam thing about 40 times witch I think is not how it is supposed to be this is what I do tell Me if I am missing something Prime the balls Flip the choke pull two times Flip it back Start...
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    What size is the exhaust bolt that goes In the hole

    Lost one of my exhaust bolt that keeps my pipe to my head can some one tell me what size it is so I can replace it
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    Looks like I am going to have a good day off

    Some one has a day off and the top one is a obr twin ooooo so happy