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    Baja nos

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    hello from italy i have see this kit in ebay... :scared: you have a few posts on the forum for the nos? I can not...
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    rampage mt and rezzie's V1 ??

    hello from italy Threshold Volume Compensation Chambers V1 (Rezzies) for HPI Baja 5B fit also your rampage MT shocks ? thanks for help
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    python motosports site work ?

    hello i contact site python, for redcat mt pieces but not repound to mails ... is only this the site ?? regards frank italy
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    full alloy baja 5b from italy..

    full alloy baja 5b from italy..metatech brake hydraulic
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    darksul axle extender v1

    hi from italy. i have buy darksul axle extender v2 used in ebay but i think avant piece extender is v1 because not possible fit hydraulic barake hardward.:huh: I have to buy a new or there is a solution .. thanks frank
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    Integy not correct !!! Air carb problems

    sorry for my english. i have buy two integy air filter from integy for baja 5b with walbro wt carb, and not fit carb because integy not send to me adapter in foto of your product buy from me, but different.. see my mail under ,for staff integy. integy repound to me...what is wlabro wt 813 ...
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    DARKSOUL Baja 5b Extenders v.2 help

    hi from italy sorry i have problem to mounting this adapter to my baja 5b. two clips and two orings you put in front of or rear set ? there is link with tutorial? thanks frank darksoul not have link ....