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  • All I have is the one I am running and one spare. Being I race I do not have any to get rid of.
    it was a 26 fulie cy till i lean siezed it, never retuned it. then i bought a 29 bb kit been great ever since, rear dom pipe black six spoke rims with trencher tires. turtle clutch kit and shock braces and dark soul axle extenders. looking to put a dpr wild child in it by the spring with a turtle quick diff.
    Actually I did. I rebuilt the motor with a 30.5 cc kit from DDM and a rear dom pipe. I reused the same carb and ignition and once I got it all rebuilt it still wouldn't start. I mean it had nothing...no pop nothing. I checked the spark and it had good spark and it had compression. I put a bit of gas down the plug hole and still wouldn't start. I ended up breaking the pullstarter and while I was fixing that I noticed the nut that holds the flywheel on. Well I decided I would use my drill to crank it over instead of killing my arm. Well I started spinning it with the drill and I noticed some puffs of smoke coming from the pipe....bam she started! after I broke the motor in by running around a tank or so she starts just like she used to....5 pulls and it starts. I figured maybe something got caught up in the carb or something and spinning it faster with the drill it was able to start
    what kind of light bar you got? pm me a pic. I also have a set of police LED lights that will mount to the top
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