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  • Jono,

    Thanks for the advice on the servos. If you don't mind I would mind getting you thoughts on a Radio? What do you reckon between Futaba 3pm and the Specktrum DX3R? The Futaba is $100 cheaper, which suits me (+ I think it looks better, the DX3R is a bit over the top). Cheers, Jeff

    Mate I have put a thread up for SOLS finally in the aussie section if you wouldn't mind adding to it now and then mate that would be great to keep it going.
    I haven't forgotten your GBE bracket either just been out of it as you know.

    Cheers Dean
    ah nice work Bill, ye they should include a gasket.
    I have spares, if you want to drive for 1Hr to my place you can come get a gasket lol
    hey jono guess what...

    My GBE Endbleed arrived today and what the hell they dont have exhaust gaskets included with the pipe :lol: :cursing: :lol:
    come on D4nnyc, stop boycotting my profile.
    We all know you want me to be a homo for you bud :)
    i like you, but not like that---keep it in your pants :lol:
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