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    G290rc install problems!!!

    Just got a new Zenoah gp290rc. I am trying to install it and it just will not go in. I can get in set in the baja. I put in the three bolts from the bottom. And I am leaving them loose. Now the problem is that the engine is to close to the transmission plate were the brake assemble is. And...
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    Break in oil???

    Is it ok to use Red Line oil for break in of a Zenoah G290rc?
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    New Zenoah G290RC On the way.

    Just ordered a new engine this morning. A G290RC from DDM. I can't wait for it to get here. God I hate to wait. By the way. Can I break this in on Red Line or should I use something else?
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    Dominator V2 Silenced black back in stock???

    When is this muffler going to be back in stock? I really want that engine and exhaust deal for $299.99.
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    Kraken Fueler problem.

    I got a brand new bullet fueler from TGN the other day. I tried to install this today and the cap that goes on the tank will not screw on. The opening on the tank is bigger than the cap. why is mine a different size? Is the LOSI tank a different size? Did I maybe get the wrong cap in my kit?
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    Kraken Fuel Filler adapter for Kaken Cage.

    Is there something special to do when mounting the fueler plate to the cage. The holes in the cage are threaded. The holes in the cage are at a whole different angle. How is this going to work?
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    Cv Boot

    My right inner (diff side) cv boot keeps ripping open. Any ideas? The sway bay link seems real close to it but its not touching. I am using HPI Boots. Its a brand new boot that tore. I just put it on 2 days ago.
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    Dark Soul Dog Bone Boots?

    Are these still out there? I dont see these on there web site. They look a lot better then the HPI boots.
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    To noisy!

    Anyone have any good ideas to quite this thing down. I have a 5t with a 26cc motor with a stock tuned pipe. Its really load. I would like it to be a little quiter. Please help.
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    5T Dog Bone Grease?

    How often do you check the grease under the boots? What kind of grease do you use on these joints?