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  • i have a box brand new with the padding and plastic pieces ill take $15 dollars for it shipped i bought it and got the piece that goes around the steering servo
    do you still have jetpro twinn pipe for sale?
    I have more hoods on order. I can also have them drop shipped. The hoods are avil in fiber glass and carbon fiber.
    i found a post about a boss 302s hood you had for sale, do you still have it and if not where did you get it from?
    Ietzr1s, I thought you might be able to awnser a question regarding the new BBRP/OBR
    2 speed, i know yours is for a twin, and mine is a for the single piston, however, same principals should apply,
    so that being said, once you got your's all installed, do they spin real freely ?
    or is there a little binding ?
    The reason I ask, is once I got my layshaft installed, and reinstalled my tranny, everything spun nicely, but as soon as I put my everything back together, with the turtle racing clutch plate, and clutch back in, it's a little difficult to spin the tire's, and have it roll smoothly, it appears the layshaft isn't 100% true, which is way as soon as I put the turtle clutch plate on , without everything else installed, it binds up just a tad, nothing bad, but just enough so on that bearing in the clutch plate you can feel the difference.
    thanks Jason
    well, it worked! The TPS RedRace Ignition and BSW 2-Speed definetly makes this Baja fly like none other! My mistake though, I put both the ignition and the 2-speed on at the same time. The rear dom seems to have a lower sound and the power off the line is great with 18p first gear. All four tires remain on the ground for traction and I achive top speed pretty quickley. I would suggest going for an aluminum starter pawl on the pull start cause the magnet is pretty strong and the TPS flywheel with chew the plastic pawls up if your not careful. Easy cheap fix. Go for it man, let me know what you think too. Shit, I bet I can even pull the 26p second gear.....do it!
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