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    Finally back in Cali !

    Finally made it out of Alaska, I loved living there but the weather wasn't very conducive to driving my Baja very often! Now I'm back in northern California again!! Time to find the tracks and bashing spots!!
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    Military only contest

    Thanks Rob... got mine in the mail today!
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    Military only contest

    I just have to thank everybody here on the boards for all the respect and attention you show all us military guys. Thanks again, Rob
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    Fresh Paint for 2009

    Santa brought me a new airbrush for Xmas so I put it to good use. Here's my interpretation of a P51 inspired paint job... what do y'all think?
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    Side by Side Comparison? 5b vs. 5t Stock exhaust

    Has anyone done a side by side comparison between the stock 5b can and the 5T "High Flow" can? Is there a noticeable difference? Would it be worth it to buy the high flow for a 5b? I like the quieter exhaust for neighborhood running but still want a bit more low end!
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    Free Holiday Giveaway. Open to all Members!

    Merry Christmas and a Baja New Year to everyone!
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    hpiSSracer's shell

    Finally go around to posting pics. These are pics of the body for my SS a month or two before the SS was released. I didn't want to put a rushed paint job on it when I finished building it and this helped me pass the time waiting for that release to come around! I will post more recent pics soon.