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    Win a free SnappyRC ESC mount

    I want the mounting kit for the tekin rx8 for a slash 2wd.
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    Win a free SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit

    I need the Ultimate
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    Win a free SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit

    i need the ultimate. and i also liked the facebook page.
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    i want these parts
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    i want these parts
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    What batts for conversion

    i have been trying to find some batteries for a conversion on a 5b lookingto run 8s. ive been looking at these batts for a while. not sure if they are gonna be enough to run it. ive heard...
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    looking for a radio with temp telemetry

    i am trying to find a radio with temp telemetry thats not specktrum. i would prefer 2 temp sensors cause i will need them for a electric motor temp and esc temp for a brushless baja.
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    5b flux discontinued?

    i have been trying to find a 5b flux body for a onroad brushless conversion i wanna build but i cant find them anywhere. even the 5b flux itself is starting to dissapear. they quit making them? or should i just deal with the gas cap hole in the normal bodies?
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    weight of a stock 5b chassis

    i am wondering if anybody knows the weight of just the bare chassis. im trying to see if the kraken x3 chassis is lighter then the stock chassis or is it heavier.
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    Wanna start a project not sure where to start

    ok i am wanting to start a onroad brushless 5b project but im not sure where to start. i dont wanna convert mine i wanna start from the ground up. and i dont wanna buy another kit if possible. should i go to ebay and get assemblies of the baja? like a complete tranny stuff like that? or...
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    need help with keeping sand out of esc fan

    ok ive been trying to figure out how to keep sand out of my esc fans. ive locked up 3 different fans driving in the sand dunes. does any body know anyways to help keep sand out of them.
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    question regarding extended length arms

    i am thinking of getting the flm extended arm conversion for my baja cause i wanna start making it into a sand rail kind of project. what i am wondering is is there any after market dog bones that will fit besides the flm ones? also does anybody know if the hbz 2strokers cages are still...
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    reciever question

    i have been wondering about what to do with recievers for most of my vehicles. well my baja i dont have to worry about the reciever cause of the box. i run in the sand quite a bit when i have the chance. my question is can a reciever be exposed to sand and not be damaged at all. i had a...