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    Hpi baja 5t and 5b for sale

    K guys I'm selling two of my bajas 5t and 5b First is the 5t Comes with Castle creation kit 14/57 gears Front ffrc shock tower mount rear trutle racing shock mount v1 Mounted sand buster wheels 5b ones NOTE does not come with the hostile slicks 4 4s 5000mah batterys Front killer rc...
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    RAMTech-RC Kill Switch Give-Away

    I want one
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    help with E hpi baja

    k guys im having issue with my baja its cogging really bad at start the battery's are all fully charge. I'm using 2 nano-tech battery's 4s 5000mah 65c and also 2 Hyperion battery's 4s 5000mah 45c so 8s. Don't now whats wrong i also tried to remove the red wire from the esc but the esc does not...
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    RAMTech-RC Kill Switch Give-Away

    I want one
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    Win a set of DGI turnbuckles

    I want the DGI turnbuckles for my baja
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    Win a SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit... round 2

    I need the ultimate
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    Killer lights controller ???

    Ok guys so I'm trying to install the killer lights controller on a E baja I connected everything like if I was connecting it to a gas baja but its not working light won't turn on nothing I'm using a specktrum dx3r radio I'm I doing something wrong anyone know Thanks
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    Irc big bore shocks ?

    Ok so I manage to bend a rear big bore shock shaft after about 6 cartwheels :cursing: but anyways does anyone know where I can buy the 8mm shaft and also the shock body's i already tried at Irc website but it does not let me I email them but no answer has anyone ever bought stuff from them and...
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    alright so i was just looking around the fourm and saw that team fast eddy and pitdawg profile says banned are they banned from the forum anyone know must of done something wrong
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    Another Clutch ???

    Ok so witch way to run the clutch shoes Reverse or like it goes will it be ok for a obr 30cc FM engine witch way will u run it... Thanx
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    Win a free SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit

    I need the Ultimate!
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    Win a free SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit

    I need the Ultimate!
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    Some carnage

    Well i decided to go bash for a bit nice day and all just got finish installing all new TFE berings go out to the soccer field and not even 5 min in.Going wot I hit a pole yes a pole but the wtf part is I did not see the pole but it's my first time that I've broken a rpm arm and bented a Killer...
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    Win a free SnappyRC Ultimate Fuel Kit

    "I need the Ultimate!"