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    5T Lowered ?

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to know has anyone successfully lowered a 5T ? My T has a Zenoah 27 using a Lunatik Rabid pipe, Rodeo tires on truck now and a set of Hostile Crushers that dont seem to stay planted on turns. I know I have too thick of oil in the diff ( 30k ) that is why it constant...
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    Grand Opening

    Hazlecreek R/C Raceway will have a Grand Opening on May 6,2012. It is planned to have a Huge R/C Race Day on May 20,2012. Its my B-Day weekend and so I told my wife that all I want is a HUGE turnout event for anyone who wants to come here and run ! She said GO FOR IT !!! Then from May 6,2012...
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    Track use only tires

    Today the sidewalls ripped next to the beadlock on both rear tires. The tires are the HB Rodeo tires used at front and rear. I have my own track also posted on this forum. The track surface changes from hard packed outside lanes to loamy soil in the infield lanes and the Rodeo tires seem to work...
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    throttle/brake servo

    Does the stock servo have enough torque to last for awhile:confused:
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    CY 26 Fulie Rebuild ?

    The stock 26 on my 5T has bearing failure. It lasted over a year only racing it on my track. I want to rebuild and have seen several options from DDM Racing. So I am asking the forum what has been the best rebuild for this that gives it power and more reliability ? TO relace it for now I...
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    New Engine ?

    Just wanted to know if this engine, GP290 3.5 HP Engine w/Stuffed Crank is any good. My stock 5T 26cc fulie just lost a crank bearing on the clutch side and is sucking in air causing high idle and allot of noise. I can move whole clutch assembly up and down. I wanted to upgrade to a larger...
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    Throttle Servo

    Last Saturday my HiTec throttle servo fried. It was a 5654 I think was the number and it had 190oz torque. I cleaned my R/C Den and came across a box marked "Good Servos". Two are hobbico brands and the one I want to try is titanium geared and has 3330z of torque at 6v. Is that too much for...
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    Fulie 26

    I thought that my engine siezed. Turns out the magneto shifted and jammed flywheel. The last time I ran it, the engine missed at times and I assumed it was a fuel issue but I know why now. Can anyone tell me since the mag was being hit by flywheel do I have to replace it or can I still use it ...
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    Rodeo tires

    I own a Baja 5T. I changed all tires to the HPI Rodeo tires that improved my steering and helped somewhat for traction. My track surface is mostly hard packed except for some areas. Someone came to my track with a 5Sc with MXT tires with the rear tires set for I think 0 toe and he had traction...
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    Track in Kent Washington

    To all of Baja owners near and surrounding Kent,Wa. I have a Large track built to run 1/5th scales. Its on my private property in Kent,Wa. Check out a YouTube video, search Hazle Creek R/C Raceway