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    Losi desert buggy

    Hi there Clayton, was wondering if any plans for your hex bell and gear set for losi desert buggy? Thanks
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    Losi desert buggy ressies

    Any plans for ressies for losi desert buggy? That would be sweet. Thanks
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    Losi desert buggy axles

    Hi there, was wondering if you are going to make a complete drive train setup, IE axles and cups for this rig. Hope so, your 300m series stuff is AMAZING. Thank you. Have good one.
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    Best esc out there. If I was going to do a brushless rig, this would be it. Gear it accordingly, and run 12s. Run times would be amazing, temps would be cool, and power would rival almost anything imaginable. They...
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    Big ass electric

    I know this wont fit, but its made for new logo heli, but man are the electric motors getting HUGE. This sucker is 10,000 watt rated.
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    Cool iPhone app

    Just search traxxas shortcoarse and for couple bucks get a pretty cool racing game for you phone, touch, or iPad. Thought I'd share.
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    Not good.

    I can't believe it, 1/3 of slave lake town is gone. The pics on the news are horrendous. Fire can rip throu quick.
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    Interesting concept for rc cars. What will they think of next.
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    Thanks to 20,000 members!! Do you want a Free Baja!!

    I want one.... best forum on the web. Good job to rob, and the mod's.
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    Rc car action mag ---iphone

    I just found this other night. Awesome app. Just search rc car action on iPhone under app store. It's free. I just read the June issue for free. The axial wraiths looks killer. Thought I would share.
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    cheap power supply Just found this, not to badly priced, my meanwell cost me 500 bucks. If your handy with electronics you could make your own, but this looks pretty good. Thought i would share.
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    Batteries cheap. Wow

    Just found these. Wont last long. LOL. They'll sell off fast.
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    Thunder power batteries offer.

    Thunder Power RC introduces all-new Generation 6 (G6) Pro Power 65C series batteries capable of technology-leading charge rates up to 12C* and delivering up to 60% more power and 600+ cycles for high-power airplane, EDF, 3D helicopter and other demanding applications. Featuring exclusive...
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    How cool if sullivan could make something like this to charge our packs while we run. Wonder if you would gain much runtime, or would take alot of power to make a little power turning it over. They make em from 150watt to...