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  • Cant find anyone who has gbe hornet for sale in usa can you help .i thought some of the largescale was going to sell them but .have not found them can you help thank you. George rose

    i am very interested for the new rear mount pipe. Can i preoder one? How much are the price and send you to Germany? Shipping cost?

    Thanks Bernd
    We sent an email to Ryan through the forum, I showed him pics of your penzoil rail with the quick change and he dug it. He's on a Team as a mechanic and wanted to do a replica of there car. If you can't find the Email where should we send the next one??

    your dune project sounds awesome, FYI these visitor messages are not private so you may want to edit the last one you left me ;)...
    hello , im from italy , i work in one factory who makes racing bikes ,, i think i have some info for the exhaust pipes headers , i change my pipe like this abd no problems any more with bolts who coming loose from the cilinder ,,
    i have a xcan and a tgn the tgn let my ride 15min and bolts loose with green ore red loctide all the same ,,,
    i like the rear exhaust like the x can a lot more so i see you test the rear gbe pipe , this is the best type off exhaust for the baja and you DONT need all the volume like manny pipes have , sure not for this small engines ,,
    my job is here building race engines from 85cc to 300cc 2t and 250to 450cc 4t ,, all days dyno days and i do the motocross grand prix ,,, i know a little from engines and bikes i think ,,,

    please send me your mail adress and i send some pictures from the parts that need to be made for the pipe ( if you want ) sure its a good idea because all small engines from us use this also ,, and are famous cart enginges also ,,

    manny thanks
    this is my private mail adress
    [email protected]
    Hey Ryan whats good? I was bashing yesterday and I hit my buddys endbleed pipe... he's so pissed, im wondering if you sell the brace alone cause i guess i cracked the rubber piece under the bolt.
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