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    Vanquish & FLM Arm with Symsteer.

    G`day everyone Have any of you guys tried the combination of Vanquish or FLM extended Arm with Symsteer? I`m about to start my end of year projects that involve both of those arms. The major problem is the linkage as symsteer has different length compare to stock. For vanquish arms, I`m not...
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    Love the new shopping cart system.

    No much to say. The new shopping cart system is just simply A. Had the problem that I have to go back every single time after a new item was added. Small but great improvement.
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    ADA racing 27.2cc head kit?

    Hi all Does anyone have the head kit? What's your thoughts on this kit? As I'm living in Australia so here are only very limited head kits to choose from and most of them are expensive. But One day found this head kit is on sale. It looks good but not sure how well can it hold up. Here is...
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    FLM90006 New version extended arm kit.

    Hi there I`m waiting for them to start my new project. But i cant find them at all. Any chance for us to see those new version kits on DDM? here is the link Thx
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    What can result different camber?

    G`day guys Has anybody here had a problem about having different camber for front wheels? My rig seem to have different camber on each front wheel. Just finished my symsteer conversion but i`m sure its not caused by symsteer system. I`m using kranken arms, stock hub(in stock camber angle) and...
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    FLM drive cup kit isnt fit with my dogbone.

    Hi all Is anyone here had problem with FLM drive cup? Just ordered my FLM drive cup kit but the new version doest allow me to slide the dogbone in. The new cup The old cup As you can see in pics, designs for them are somehow different. I can slide the dogbone into old drive cup very...
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    Great customer service by KrakenRC

    Just got my replacement of X2 rear lower arm from KrakenRC. Those guys do care about their customers. Simply emailed them the purchase receipt to claim the replacement. Then got them posted by the very next day. No postage or return ever asked. Here is the problem i met...
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    2nd Gen Designs Welded Fuel Cell

    Hi guys Just saw the 2nd Gen Designs fuel cell listed on the 5b new parts section. I have eyes on this product for a long time. Its so glad to see DDM have them now. I didnt purchase it when it was released coz I`m living in Australia where those separate postage sometimes can be more...
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    Any reviews on TR "grabber" clutch bell??

    I have eyes on this clutch bell since it first released. Somehow, nobody talks about this clutch bell even tutrtle themslves. My old clutch bell came with the V1 HD clutch system. After many litres of petrol done on it the inside of the clutch bell is almost able to let me use as mirro to...
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    X2 Chassis and RPM front bumper

    Just a quick nub question. I`m thinking about picking up a X2 chassis at DDM but I`m not sure if it compatible with RPM front bumper. Or I just need to do tiny mod. The concern mainly comes from the thickness of X2 chassis. Thx
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    Need help with Elcon clutch

    Hi guys Today I pull my 5b into parts to prepare summer rebuild. (I`m live in Aus) My Elcon clutch was purchased about one and half years ago. It only wear out about 1-2mm. Personally , I have to say it`s a really impressive product :cowboy: My 30.5cc TS engine gives damn hard time to clutch...
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    gear cover problem

    Hi all I purchased a modified rc gear cover few weeks ago. But I just installed it yesterday. It seems like not compatible with any kind of pins. I'm using TR clutch system with this gear cover. I'm sure its no compatible with PM pins any hostile pins. Do you know which pin can fit...
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    BZM micro pipe on TS engine

    Hi all I got tired with my CPI BB pipe. There is a new BZM MICRO pipe on DDM. Just wondering about if it would work with TS engine. I mean wake the monster up:drool: Tried to find some reviews about the BZM micro pipe but I cant find any review about it. What would you guys reckon...
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    Let your TS engine have a cool carburetor

    :clap: Hi guys, I`m current using a TS engine on my 5B. Everything was perfect until I got my 990 carb for TS engine. Once 990 carb was heated up by TS engine, it will no longer pump fuel into engine. If my engine accidentally shut down or run out of fuel, I will have to wait my engine cool...
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    New fan cover for BZM engine

    Let`s check out the all new aluminium fan cover for BZM engine.:gun_bandana: some chinese don`t like the stand the stand CF cover. So here we go. This fan cover was made from 6061T6 aluminium and cost a lot of time. Proudly made in China :chinese: Once again, it`s not my...