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  • Ok, the curve, i presume 8900, if not find ur blackberry messenger, click it, hit the BB button (the dots), when it comes up go to add contacts, you can add my PIN: 2092CD45

    Add me and ur good to go!
    If you cant get it, hit me with your pin (located in --> menu, ,option, status, PIN:)

    The pin will be written there!
    if you have a data plan, go to messaging and you will see it

    depending on the phone you have! tell me and ill help u out
    well good to see u chim in from time to time,hey u sleepin with the 5t tonight,,,LOL
    o whats the little guy think of it??hey dad can i run it please,take it eazy talk to u soon,,tony
    dave where have u been buddy?? let me guess the crawler sickness took over eh??just touchin base take it easy,tony
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