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    Good wheels for Hostile MX

    Just as the title says, what wheels are good for the hostiles MX hard compound for my baja 5b?...i was looking for some Silverback Guerrilla but they are discontinued....i have only found front wheels in stock but no luck with the rear ones. On the other hand the Desperados look great. Just...
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    Motul grand prix

    Hey guys, i bought a 2 cycle oil and i would like to know if this will work with my stock 26 engine? I read some reviews on other brands like maxima but i could not find it in my area. I know the best suited oil for this engines are the ones full synthetic. If you guys could give me your...
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    Radio box

    Hey guys, just one quick question: got a killer 6000 mah, super bee kill switch and the standard 4pl reciever in my radio box. I used the killer rx turorials and try to fit everything in the radio box, i do not have a dremel so i improvised with sand paper and other stuff that had at the time...
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    International Customer

    You guys rock!. Bought my baja 5b kit from their webpage a month and a half ago, called them to let them know about the transaction and if this was possible since i'm from Chile and it was a fairly amount of money in between. Talked with Scott and woah he has infinite patience!! he even guided...
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    Spur Gear

    Hello everyone, i bought my baja 5b ss brand new and just got her a week ago, being that said Last night i was building the drivetrain, following Fast Eddie's Tutorials (big props to the man) and manual and as he says on his videos i made sure that everything spun freely without any kind of...
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    Got my first Baja

    Hello everyone, i'm new to this hobby, but i've been following this forum for quite some time. Just stopping by to say hi and introduce my self. got the kit a week ago and all i can say it is just perfect.