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  • Hmm don't understand, you should be able to get it running correctly with the wt-813, no need to mod.
    Is you're engine/piston still in good shape, I find if the cilinder is getting worn, it shows off first that you cannot get the engine very rich on the high jet, because of worn cilinder it sucks not as good and thefore get's less fuel.

    You can also check with Feral five on the forum he also runs glow/petrol on 30cc and wt-813.

    If you have a stock carb you can mod it, remove choke, drill out high jet, lift lever, dremel alu away from the intake of venturi for better flow.
    hello feranadez

    i am using methanol with my carb 813 , in the top rpm it bog down , no sufficent fuel
    what i do , i tried 499 which made for methanol its very bad carb
    Thats strange, I can't explain what happened. Make sure you're oil content is correct. If castor/synthetic mix (you'll smell it) then you'll should be able to withstand hot temperatures.
    Some RC glow fuel for rc cars only contains 10% oil. In this case it means 1 liter rc glow 1 liter petrol, will give you a 5% oil required for the zenoah.

    Do you have some pictures?
    Are you sure it has nothing to do with sand, bypassing the airfilter?
    Are you sure it has nothing to do with plating coming off?
    Giday Fernandez you might be able to help me as i have an issue with my new Zen GP27RC motor piston ported with a helli piston 813carb,tall ADA manifold,teflon gaskets,rear dom pipe,went tuning today to run the fuel/meht,nitro in it,set the high jet at 3.5 turns out and ran some wot runs for about 10mins and off the gas it died and very little compression found it to leaned seized,the motor is salvageable as it was a very minor seize,was the high speed jet too lean,motor has a total 6 tanks with the tank last being the nitro fuel so motor is quite new....any thoughts...the ignition timing is set at factory settings
    hey out there buddy ive just bought a second baja with a wild piston ported motorhand built down here in aust cost the guy a $1000.00Aus to build it is running adjustable timing and i plan to reset it to run pure nitro(glow fuel)it is based on the zenoa GP270 4 bolt motor with a really strange Billet intake manifold about 50/60 mm in length and an 813 carb i plan to retard the spark to run this fuel oh it has 16:1 compression ratio your thoughts would really help in how far i can mod the fuel settings
    Ok thats very interesting I bet it makes more power with our cocktail!

    When do you start to port an engine, you can get more power if you dom some dremel mods, but there is a risk of destroying your engine, if you go wrong.
    Hi Fernandez just to put you in the loop i emailed lunatik eng today and asked whether he had got around to dynoing the fuel blend we use,he returned my email,ill do the dyno runs this w/end i only have taxxis glow fuel with 33% nitro its more than i use and he will back this test up with the stock 25/1 2T fuel to give the performance figures,the motor he is going to use is the modded 30.5,813 carb,and DDM rear bleed X pipe similar to the motor i have in mine,so stay tuned and ill keep you posted cheers
    Giday Fernandez 6litres now run through and a part from a little tuning issues(low jet) on occasion the 813 is fine,ive had a look for the accel pump hole you say should be sealed off but with the GBE stack and filter attached i cant seem to locate it.i know where it is just cant locate it with the above filter kit fitted
    Hey Fernandez,feral fiveb here, have tried your cocktail fuel and yes mate you are so right i have run three tanks through my newish 30.5 race ported motor and man it is so happy,clean,cooler,crisper and has heaps more RPM,twisted out the H jet to 1.5 turns on 813 carb and it is a jet thanks mate for the heads up on this
    hello from what country you are , im from belgium buth live and work in italy ,, i see you fuel mix , i think i try it out next week , i have still 5l helli fuel here that i dont use anymore ( have seld all nitro hellis )
    greats patriek
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