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  • hey grant. nice to catch up again. loved the gig awesome stuff you guys did. thanks for the plug on my engines. here is a link to a quick blat with a side dom when i first tested the engine.


    hope the link works. anyway back to work now and i'll catch up for a chat soon cheers Damo
    Hey feral, is the engine a reed ported engine?
    I use pistons with 4 flow ports (holes), to improve the gas flow to the combustion chamber. If it is a reed ported piston a readvalve should be placed before the carb, in this case it controls the gas coming from the carb into the engine. It is a different ported piston.

    16:1 is quite high compression, it should probably work to run methanol. But I would still recommend mix 1 part methanol on 2 parts high quality gas ron98, total oilcontent 5% and run wt813 or modded carb. High compression in general gives more tork and efficiency, but loose some rpm in the topend. (But you can compensate using race gears)

    Before running the engine, you might want to inspect the cilinder and check if plating is ok. I have found som 29cc cilinders are really bad plating quality!
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