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    Sunday practice for the Hostile race at OCS

    I will be at the track sunday around 11:00 testing a few new items:hammer: and getting a newbee going,,any of you guys are welcome to practice or get your cars dialed in also:rockon:
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    2 more pavement modified cars

    Heres 2 more pavement modifieds that will be racing at Old Cedar speedway in Maine,, Greg from SUH racing if your looking at these I wanted to mention that we have yours here when you come up next week
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    Pavement Modified bajas in Maine

    We will be running a class of these at Old Cedar Speedway in Maine,,They are going to be BIG FUN!
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    RCRC's Best Paint Contest

    edm body Where can I get an edm body?
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    Maine Bajas

    We have a new message board up for Maine R/c, the Old cedar speedway has a forum on the new board and theres a large scale thread,it would be nice to see some baja support on there,I know there are a bunch of Baja owners here in Maine we just got to get them out of the closet,,,,so to...
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    Baja 5 b motorcycle!

    what do you get when you hit a chain link fence post at full speed!! A HPI baja motorcycle!
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    New site up for big scale check it out,I'm just trying to promote big scale racing here in the northeast,please join the forum we could use some advice from some of the veteran baja owners from time to time Thanks
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    Ovals for Bajas? in Northern New england

    New track in Maine!,check out the pics on the website,, track is smooth! we will be running 1/4 scales and 1/5 scales, it also looks like there is enough interest and a few people with 1/5 HPI Bajas that want to have a class! I was informed that the hpi cars are a blast on the oval tracks and...