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  • Egyptsean,

    I think you should get a banner to be put up on the upcoming events for the Ashley Cup. Maybe talk to Rob or pitdawg and see if either can hook you up
    sorry to hear about your brother but glad to hear he is ok. I went to hidden valley and graduated from orange glen in 1986. my friend doug hensen lived on laurashawn most of the time we were growing up. i knew him from going to felicita elementary school....lol

    I used to live in Escondido 1979-86. I was a young pup back then. I went to North Broadway school when it first opened. I actually went to several schools since we moved alot. Lincoln, Oak Hill, Hidden Valley Middle School. We used to live on Laurashawn Lane which is down the street from the park you are going to. In fact, my Brother was hit by a drunk driver at that park. He is fine now, but that was scarey. Anyway, good luck with your videos...

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