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    Sand Sports Show

    So I saw two guys hanging out an Saturday around three o' clock near the Suspension Unlimited booth outside. One was larger with slightly longer blond hair and a bright orange Phatdad shirt. The other was a normal guy with a hostile hobby shirt on and darker hair. Was just curious to see who you...
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    PM vs. PK

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the Futaba 3PM and the 3PK. What Does the P mean. and what about the K and the M. Thank you for all the explanations, Dune5T
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    New Whip Flags

    Ok so the product is a whip flag. It will be made of a fiberglass pole for a realistic look and an orange flag to match the realisticness. It will also came with a mount that will make it quick release for easy storage. If this sounds interesting to you and you would like it please put yes or...
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    Sand Running Slicks?

    As simple as the title, almost. Has anyone run Hostile slicks in the front with paddles out back, sort of like a sand car? Like this:
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    Modding a Rear Dominator

    I know this is from another section but please read and provide some input. So I've had this idea of modding a rear Dom ever since I broke the tab off (just like every one else) somewhere around 3 months ago. Here it goes. Ok. So the first thing I am planning on doing is increasing the tab...
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    SnappyRC - eClip giveaway contest

    20,009. I don't know why, it's just a guess!
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    The HPIBajaForum Charity Event with Many Free Baja Prizes!!

    Just a quick question to the guys doing this, is there any way people like us can donate items to go into these prize packages? I have a product that I would like to be included in on of these so just hit me up. I will donate by buying a sticker as soon as I set up paypal.
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    Spur Gear Whine

    I recently got a Hostile spur gear for my 5T. Is it normal for it to squeal, kind of like an electric? Please answer with any replies you have. Thank you!
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    Elcon Clutch Adjustment

    I am very sorry if there is already some sort of thread on this already, so if you find it, please reply with it. O.K. now to the question. Does any one know how much i should tighten the small point screw from just a resting position for optimal performance in the sand and loose dirt. Any help...
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    It's Stuck!

    My rear shock is stuck in the bottom mount. Does this happen a lot? If so what do i do to get it out? Thanks for all the help.
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    As a recently discovered problem by myself, when jumping a 5T, it likes to go nose up. Has anyone figured out how to stop this. Any ideas or products would be fantastic. Thank you!
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    Does anyone know the part number for the plugs that fill in the holes in the clutch plate. I've lost one and need to know where I can get them. Thanks!
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    Longest Time

    What, in your opinion, takes the longest time to do. Take apart clean or putting your Baja back together. And which one is your favorite?
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    Has anyone put the SUH adaptors and rims on a 5T yet. If so please post some pics! :)
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    Why am I restricted from playing arcade games?:cursing: