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  • Yes, good drive home, didn't want to go, but I guess you have to go back to reality!! I left my chair, it's black with a grey frame and it folds flat, so if you hear anything, let me know!
    Well I am thinking about running my long rod this weekend the torpedo pipe is pretty nice I would stay away from the victory pro they are all top end
    Hey man... ya iam still up north till wed i fly out.....still just making a list of shit for my build this winter....hey u think the tr case saver is good with tr diff or is tr diff good by its self??? and for a pipe i can,t make my mind up on a cpi bb or victory pro???? the mill is going to b either one of theses obr 27.2 + 5mm long....29.5 WC +5mm long or 30.5+5mm long rod.... Dunk
    okay. I hope i can make it in time. Im waiting on some parts to come in, and i cant run my baja without these parts. Hopefully they show up this week or something
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