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  • hi steve
    I am looking for racing scheme for my stock 5T body ( black ) I have removed all stock stickers and am running it just plain black
    but now I am looking for some change in the looks of my truck
    can you help me with complete racing scheme for it
    I am located in India pin code 110037 let me know the price and shipping
    Hi Steve
    Thank you for the hostile rear hubs.
    They arrived today great condition like new!!!!
    Thanks again
    i thought my engine went found it to be something stuck between the magnet. i wont need engine thanks, gene
    Thank you. My parents are from Manchester small world. Oh thank you for the Tire Hauler too. Things sweet...
    Hi dudadesignsrc, A payment of $15 shipped for item High response clutch set sent threw paypal. Thanks
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