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    Sold / Found 5t for sale

    Seeing as someone a couple of posts further up has paid for it...I would assume so...;)
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    Another FG vid :D ~runs and hides~

    FGMT I'd like to note that no cameraman was injured in the making of this video...ok well maybe just a little! :D (second gear is broke so it's under geared being stuck in first and revving a lot)
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    Sold / Found H.C. Full mod engine

    You just want to dismantle it..:D
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    Sold / Found H.C. Full mod engine

    Now that's an advert, and the price looks reasonable for the performance offered! Good luck with the sale! :)
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    CONTEST!! I use TeamFastEddy Products

    I have the TFE Ceramic case bearings - so good I haven't opened them as yet! :D
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    Jimmy Mack!

    Brought some parts off Jimmy recently and all went smoothly, great prices great postage and fantastic condition, need I say any more! Top Stuff! :D
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    FGMT in the snow! :-)

    Thought I'd post a little video I did recently (mobile phone, sorry for quality) of my FG MT in the snow, only short as the throttle servo died (but works again now!) appears there are problems with Futaba S3154's at 6v. Like this forum even though I haven't got an HPI, as there is a wealth of...
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    Problems with mixing on Futaba 3GR-2.4G?

    Posted this in the basement as I own an FG and not an HPI, but guessed there must be a lot of people using the mixing function on their radio gear and may have come across the same problem? Have the following setup in my FGMT: Futaba 3GR-2.4 combo Rhino Digi4 on steering channel Futaba S3154...
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    Sold / Found DarkSoul's Ultimate Sand Baja

    DS hasn't actually put a price, but that Baja would hit you around the $5000 with all the mods so you can expect it to be a reasonable amount :)
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    Sold / Found DarkSoul's Ultimate Sand Baja

    Those wishbones are a stunning bit of milling, fantastic car (love the engine :D).
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    Thresholds Rezzis on an FG?

    Sorry know it's not an HPI but I'm looking for ways to improve the Alloy FG shocks I have on my MT, wondering if anyone can supply the dimension for the thresholds rezzis caps so I can see if these will fit on my shocks. Not seen any Baja stuff in the flesh so have no idea how their shocks size...