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  • Thanks, im gona run that setup & see how it goes, im going to bump up my gearing to 19/55 for a lil more top End speed, right now im running stock gears.
    Yo Dave hows it going, ur new build looks sick! I just picked up a obr full mod & i want to run it in my 5b, what do u thnk bout running it with a dom v2? Do u thnk it will restrict the motor?
    well, just sold my full mod and pipe, that much closer to a twin! Got the hostile tires and zero growth foams, and the tr quick diff. Have the darksoul gen 3 bones with toobz, gonna roll with those till/if they break, then get the phatdads. My diff is the HPI Aluminum..think that will hold up, or should I get the turtle case saver? Thinking I m going to get the 21 gear set up, just want a tiny bit more pop out of the hole...OBR gears is what Im getting, other than cage, is there anything Im missing for a must have for this motor? Thanks Dave
    Just looked through your build threads. Great rigs man. I can't imagine all the maintenance you must go through.
    No problem Dave, let me know when you're ready to go & available. I just finished repairing the 5B last night.
    Hey Dave, I got my car back up & running .... Not sure of your schedule but I'm off from work Tues & Wednesday this week & the weather looks good, let me know if you want to run the cars. I'll come down & meet you where ever, thanks.
    Yeah, I need to get out and look for some hobby shops in the area. I usually order most of my stuff online, like a lot of us do these days. I do drive, so I look forward to running with you guys in Jersey & also the Long Island crew!
    15th is no good for me, work that weekend, but will definitely hookup with you guys on another day. I see you guys hookup here a lot , that's why I joined this forum. Not a single soul in my immediate area that runs r/c cars... Lol... They certainly don't know what they are missing. I appreciate the invitation...
    Oh ok, you're about an hour or so away. I'm way up here, not too far from the GWB.... I was hoping to find some spots near me but haven't had any luck. Every time I go to the nearby parks, 15 mins later the noise complaints begin... You know how that goes.
    Hi Dscjester, Monsterman Mentioned that you could help me with some spots to run here in Jersey. I'm from Paramus, are you in Bergen also?
    I can understand, enjoy ur tme away, we catch up soon, let me know if ur going to Chris in long island when u get back. Thanks
    Hey bro, how's everything? I'm looking to get out the city this wknd, want to head to jersey, was wondering if u will be out bashing today?
    Hi jester,
    I'm new into baha speedway and the track I'm on is 110 metres, banked.
    I have a HPI Baja 23cc and I was looking at your set up suggestions and wanted to ask:
    When you refer to Rear hubs: zero degree on the left rear and 2 degrees on the right. Is that camber or toe in?
    What would be the difference bewtween 10,000 weight oil for the diff and 7,000?
    thank you
    That’s too bad man. Rest up and recharge. Hope to see you back soon. I could not post to your thread for some reason...
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