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  • Hey Bob I have a zenoah 27 four bolt with some kind of low profile air filter and the choke intergrated into the filter is there a way to make it like a stock motor with the choke on the carb
    Hey Bob the owner of my hobbies shop was wondering if he could be a vender for you. We starting a .1/5 scale track this spring and want to carry some sup up motors. Just thought of you and told him I would ask you
    Hey bob. 2 things. One sometime after the holidays I will be buying one if your wild child's. 2 if I was to send you zenoah 27 four bolt could you do that one up as well and so how much. Thank you adam
    Hey Bob its adam from the Baja nationals found out what was wrong w my Baja. The cylinder gasket is blown right out of the motor. I have a zenoah 26 any recommendations for gaskets and how difficult is replacement thanks again Bob I look forward in seeing u again at the next national
    Hey bob I saw some of your motors running @D.A.R.C. and I am glad I got my wild child, just have not run it yet, need to get some finish touches and it will be in my new 5Bss soon. Wicked torque I saw thruout the hole powerban.
    hey bob im having some problems w my baja, i know its something about turning it and a just cant get it. i had it running now it will run for a couple of seconds then when i hit the gas and let off it putts out
    I could not make it to the nats. But you giving that guy with the 3 wheel win against you that Wildchild motor, that was an awsome prize for an awsome win. Thanks to good people like you that keeps me in this sport. Thanks from Phil (Aydenbaja) Kennedy. I hope to have a good dom like that oneday. Look my local club up @ Southern RC in the Southeastern division on this forum. Have a great day.
    Hey bob its adam from the nationals. thank u for all the help thank u very much cant wait until next year and for sept for hostile
    Hi Bob. Hope you had a good time a the nats. I have a question. I just purchased a dom. side mounted pipe for one of my cars. What is the screw in the end of the pipe for? It did not say anything about it in the mounting instructions. I know you like the Jet Pro's but I thought you may know. Thanks
    Hi Bob
    Jimmy B here!

    I am looking at a upgrade on a motor for my 5T Bug

    I like to run a dirt lot some jumps, a lot of stop and starting plenty of power Wheelee Power!! I don't want to go Twin.
    Can you recomend one of youre motors and gearing for my TR
    Hey Bob, just a question but who is trevor simsion ? i seen on another post that you had some of his cases an was just waundering? hey do you do custum work like one of those cases and head?? with your wildchild work on it???? in the next month or two iam going to be looking for a motor for my 5b ss... And the break in with the 29.5 still on going... lost my pit for now??
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