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    sounds good got some other stuff here for ya too
    sadley i am if you wanna call it that, i am here till 6
    Sorry Derek I've been real busy lately....not able go unfortunatly I can't get off from work...I had to use all my time off early in the year cuz I broke my knee...you know I'm goin to be watching the live feed and the bajafest thread. You taking your new truck up there this year? You know Jordan is going to love the new tracks he hasn't seen them yet right? I saw the pics of your B and T they look good and ready.
    whats up derek
    not going to be able to go to ovalfest i cant get the time off. you gotta let me know how it is. are you goin to race oval modified or just hit the corr track? i love that track. congrats on the new pick up thats goin to be fun to take there.
    Hi do you have any pics of your 5t with that RC4WD cage on it? the red one plz, need ideas what colours i want for my cage, that would be great if you can help me out.

    i got kill switch need help with wire what side black go in
    Thanks for the invite - I would go but I have my car in pieces right now doing a full rebuild. I'll be running in the spring tho - new esp30.5 modded + ported, v2 silenced dom, lightened flywheel...and a bunch of other stuff, it's coming out nicely.
    id love to but im still recovering from my surgery, i dont last much longer than half an hour of out the house before im burnt out, not to mention bein loaded up on pain killers doesnt make me a very good driver lol. have you ever been there? i hear its really cold inside that building. who knows i might just throw the buggy in the car and ride up there to hang out and if im feelin up to it ill run, i dont know tho, im still in rought shape lol
    Yeah dude i think i am going to go down there on friday but i have never even run on a track before, but im sick of the parking lots around here so im really looking forward to using these new off road tires..
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