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  • hi there, thanks for searching for me! yes I'm still in london, did my baja up last weekend and it's good to go. I'm always up for bashing but I don't have transport. If you do then i'm more than willing to split petrol/camping costs, etc. n.e.e.d - t.o - b.a.s.h!
    Hello fellow baja owner, thank you for viewing my profile. I am from London and i regularly bash at 3 areas in south London, if you fancy having a bash just let me know and lets organize a meet up. Cheers
    hi love the bag idea form halfords... add me please im trying to keep all the uk members in one place lol
    cheers Denz, it still is costing me a fortune, where are you from??
    your 5bs look smart, what hopups or upgrades are you thinking of adding?
    a bit about me, live in derby, central england, i work in steel contruction,
    im a nightshift supervisor, been into RC about 3years, started as you do with nitros
    while ordering parts for my traxas jato( nitro ) seen the baja5bss had to have one,
    never looked back......
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