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  • Al/tmr is really good man. He turns out some killer motors. He's got a 4bolt 27.2 of mine that is crazy fast. He's doing some more tweaks to it. Best part is he's got a dyno so you know what kind of numbers your mill is cranking out.
    Cool man, I just put together a 30.5 last night. Its just a gp290 head with a 2mm stroker in it. Im gonna try to make it down tomorrow to run it. It will probably blow up being that I had to stack 3 gaskets to get it to fit, but we'll see.
    Wow, I thoght for some reason that was more north jersey. That ride 115miles away. So I do not think I am going to be doing that this weekend. :( THanks for the like though. WHen I do have a better day free I will come and join in on the fun. Thanks for the link man. Have a good one.
    Ok. Just ordered a hi tech servo and a killer bee switch. As soon as that comes in I will hit you up. What radio are you using?
    What's up Frank. Just touching base, i wasn't able to view the link you provided, but this weekend it looks good for Sunday. I'll keep you posted.
    Actually went up to RI this weekend, but we haven't been running in a while. Everybody has been having issues with their cars or in their lives. I will try for next weekend but we will see.
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