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  • Whats up, I'm from the springs but out of town until end of may. We need to start a Springs 5b bash club!
    hey, long time no talk.... we should get together this weekend up there or down here. here in pueblo we have a bmx track that is just a blast to run on.. i have been talking to Tully.J.C and asked him if he wanted to run with us.
    let me know, Steve
    Hey, whats happening. I'm finally up and running after about 6 months. Had the Baja out front of the house doing donuts! Let me know if you are still have been going to the track. I've been dying to get out and bash.
    hello, hope you had a better week thin i did lol, just seeing if you got the parts sent out? thanks Steve
    It's a no go with the servo horn it's stripped. It ran for a bit but then just started turning on the servo. I'll get some stuff this week. I should be able to fix it on friday when I get back in town. Maybe bashing next Saturday?
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