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  • Hello,
    My walbro carb.(WT Series with a small fuel lift bulb on top) on baja 5bSS, engine floods the moment i connect the fuel line into the tank.
    how it all happened: last week engine would never start so I tried cleaning the carb, had unscrewed both the ends ( Needle end (top) & the Bottom) of the carb, since then i have this new flooding problem
    what I tried after was:
    1. clear the engine flood, start the engine without the fuel line, once engine starts...if i plug the fuel tank, engine quits & petrol floods again into the piston.
    2. Also with the L/H needle setting...no progress
    please help me,
    carb details in this link : http://www.walbro.com/brochurefiles/...2012-16-0
    Not 100% about tommorow got a lot on at work and I am away all week working. So will go if there is no rain forcast otherwise I'll miss this one out!
    Im thinking police car , although its a truck , i was thinking of having the blue and yellow neon stickers on the side with perhaps police written down it . Also a aerial viewed number on top ot the trucks roof. I have lights and siren to go on so not to big !1
    Is this any help
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