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  • hey guys, I know this is a dumb question to ask on a forum, but how do you post a thread? I've looked all around my profile and the website but can't find anything that stands out
    Hey Guys,
    I have a GP290 with the clutch that it comes with and I would like to know if it is the
    Hi there, welcome to the addiction, so your pleased with your Baja wait untill it dries out your wallet LOL, I'm Mick from the UK, i've the SS and its the best big boys toy i've owned, there great fun to bash and to repair and upgrade, there's loads of great guys here to help with any probs so enjoy your new toy......
    Hello Everbody,

    Just got my new 5B yesterday and am new to this form. I have 1/10 and 1/8 scale but this 5B is my 1st big scale this model is the best yet. looking foward to the advise from all of you
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