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    Baja Ability Short Film Competition (This is Ryan)

    Hi guys have entered Ability Short Film Competition, showing my ability driving RC cars. Been working on it for a few months with another guy in a wheelchair he does directing and filming and i did all the production and editing. Please vote for my movie on web link below. Regards Ryan...
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I Want These Parts
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I want these parts
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    IRP Giveaway Contest , Have a Look !!

    I want these parts
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    TR Pinion with DDM Black Magic steel spur gear

    Was seeing if i can use the TR pinions with the DDM Black Magic steel spur gears, it says only to use with the DDM pinions are they the same, as just got a TR clutch system and had the pinion separate in a DDM packet it that the new way you are selling them Dave. Thanks...
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    FLM Tie Rod Ends for HPI Baja 5b

    Was looking at getting some FLM tie rod ends, there a 2 in the pack, are these just for one end, as they are right threaded anyone run them at all.
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    Team Phatdad anti squat plates rear bulk head

    Hi was seeing if the Team Phatdad anti squat plates work with your rear bulk head as trying to install but not fitting.
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    kraken v2 chassis screws

    Hi was wanting to know the long screws that come with kraken v2 chassis screws kit, what the length they are as they dont seem to be long enough to go up to the sway bar holder nylon nuts on the 5b.
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    do V2 hinge pins work with TFD rear anti squat plates

    do the V2 hinge pins work with TFD rear anti squat plates.
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    Ti Hinge Pins V1 screws

    Got some v1 Ti Hinge Pins installed on my baja and 2 of the screws have started to strip out, got them out luckily so is there replacement screws available or others i could use instead, feedback thanks.
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    North West Express Mobile Butcher Starting up in Western Australia

    Hi Guys thought i would post up some pics up of dads new truck he got a few weeks ago as well as the build process of mobile Butcher shop Trailer he is doing up north, getting there with it now a few more things to do etc his first trip starting 16th July. View the website that i have been...
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    White, Black and Silver 5b Build

    Starting new ongoing 5b Build, the only colors will be White, Black and Silver. Update build stage with pics as i go. Starting with the chassis and front end, first set of parts ordered. Kraken-RC v2 chassis white GH Front Bulkhead Black GH Front Tower Support SILVER GH Arm Brace Silver Turtle...
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    WSE Front hinge pins

    Hi was seeing if the WSE Front hinge pins will work with the kraken rc v2 hinge pins looks like they fit as the c clip are on outside in ddm pics, just thought i would see
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    Fast Lane FLM Mid Arm Conversion Kit w/v2 Tower for HPI Baja 5b/5T/5SC

    Has anyone seen these at all or run them on there baja.
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    Sold / Found Pitdawg OBR Giveaway..

    200 for me thanks