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  • i can put a few flyers up in albany too if ya like, there will be two of us coming up at this stage but hopefully we can drag a few more guys out of the woodwork
    Hi there, I hear your the man with the BAJAMANIA 2009 flyers.... Would like to put up a few here in Newman... There is 2 of us who are keen to come down, with a few more I have to chat to yet... hopfully get a couple of cars on a road trip from here....
    gday ryan thats great the velocity stack sought of force feeds air into the motor giving a quicker reponse to throttle input,im off to have a look at this spot over by the int air port let you know my findings later
    Hey Ryan how did the air filter fit up mate let me know and buy the way get a better avatar pic up this one looks like a shelf queen LOL
    Giday bud yep all fitted up nice and noticable increase in front end, havent tested in sand so Lano will be first run,took mine for run yesterday at a big playing feild close buy and got a move notice from the ranger,the nearest cricket match was like over 1/2 a kilometer away from there boundary line,good stuff on the GBE filter,ill email you a pic.
    I might be able to make it. I will chat to you when the event get's closer. Thanks for letting me know :)
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