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    Red Hostile slicks

    anyone know if there is possible to get the red Hostile slicks anymore?? been searching google and ebay but found nothing :(
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    who builds custom cages?

    hello guys is there anyone who builds custom cages(with panels)? and do you know what price-range these cages cost? i´m building a custom baja(army inspired) and want a custom cage to make it look unique:) i would like a cage(with panels) to look somewhat like this: ps: this is just pictures...
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    is there any good computer program that dont cost anything which you can use for designing? programs like CAD etc) i have some ideas for some baja parts i would like to try to design but i need some sort of program to design in:) if there is any free programs it would be nice:)
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    stxsrt - awesome guy:)

    bought a ModifiedRC fuel tank from stxsrt. posted the package 1 day after payment, AWESOME!!! even helped me with contacting USPS when tracking never updated:) AWESOME guy, got my respect:) gonna sit down tonight and start installing the tank on my build:)
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    WTB Looking for roll bar parts

    :) if interested PM me an offer(or trade) 8) if you want a picture of the rollbar i have, i can send on E-mail
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    WTB Looking for roll bar parts

    do you know if this is the same as for the 5T? i got an unused one i took of my new 5T i dont need:) i live in norway, but shipping for this wont be much i think:) also if you want to trade for something i´m up for that:)
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    WTB Looking for roll bar parts

    do you have the part number or picture of what you need?
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    American Eagle Bowie Knife - Franklin Mint

    American Eagle Bowie Knife - Franklin Mint also open for trades 250$
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    Sold / Found Baja part out sale

    currently building a custom baja so i have parted out my Baja for sale. all parts comes from the new 2013 model baja 5T. price is listed under the pictures, also open for trades :) hopefully i have listed ok prices, never sold anything in US $ before:) buyer pays shipping! i live in norway, pm...
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    my build thread -The ghost- OBR 40cc powered beast

    hello guys i´m in the the process of starting my first Baja build and want to share it with all of you:) i´m a rookie when it comes to building baja´s from scratch som hopefully i can get som help along the way:) i already have a ton of questions:) here´s my plan for the build: the theme is...
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    FLM extended arms questions

    hey guys got a question about this arm set : Fast Lane FLM EXTENDED E.F.R. Arm Conversion Kit w/V1 Shock Tower see link below i´m about to start my custom baja basher build and are looking into these arms. so here are som questions : anybody used them in a...
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    Rok RC symsteer questions

    i´m about to plan my winter build, and was looking into the Rok RC symsteer. anybody have some experiences with these? will the TR racing front brace fit, or only the from brace from Rok RC? i see that the battery tray is very exposed(open), anyone made some kind of protection for the...
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    thinking of buying my first engine, need help

    hey guys i thinking about buying a new engine for my 5T i a rookie when it comes to engines, so i need your help :batman: i need an engine that fits good for bashing i run in both gravel/sand and grass i want an engine with "controllable" power (the 70cc twin etc will be to much for me :) ) i...
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    Customer service A++++++

    must say i am impressed by your customer service:) i had problem with my bullet fueler and the rollcage adapter, they where both leaking. i tried to fix it (found a fix-tread here on hpibajaforum) but it still leaked. so, i sent an email to the kraken guys :) about an hour later a got an mail...
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    killer bee makes my servo funny...

    i just installed the super bee killswitch, and now my throttle servo is "wobbling/glitching". i have the airtronics mt4 radio. when i remove the killswitch its all fine again. anybody know what i´m doing wrong? i have the HPI Baja 5T(the new 2013 model)