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  • damn dude.. youve got that thing running sweet.. I'm running the same gear set.. and mine won't do what your's is doing.. granted I only have about 4 tanks thru it.. but still..
    that set up you just described, is almost my identical set up.
    oil ratio
    oil type
    needle settings
    I must be doing something wrong somewhere..
    just gotta figure out where...
    Hey yes it was its the one that blew the tires off the rims. For gears it's 20/54 both carbs are set at 1 1/2 on the high and on the low about 1 1/4 and for tires I was using a few sets first were the MXT's and then the stock 5sc wheels I think they are called HBZ not 100% sure I know that they are the stock 5sc tires. And for oil I run 25:1 and for oil I use Castro 927 that's the best oil I have ever ran.
    Yea I couldn't believe the difference between the V2 pipes and when my buddy got the torpedoes made it was crazy I'll see if I can find some videos of his twin with the pipes
    Lol no not yet soon tho lol. Did you get the TR open clutch setup yet? How's the twin running? Over the weekend I blew both rear tires on the twin lol.
    Hey, Yeah i do have the rears,not the fronts so not a full set. They have never been used. Just been sitting in the bag on my shelf. If you still want them i can send you pictures also. Let me know.. Thanks

    Gotcha.. yeah, theyre pretty handy.... how you liking that gear set? have you ran anything higher yet in that 2 speed ?
    I was thinking about going up 1 on each..
    Not too bad. I didn't have it set, but it's good now. I only heat cycled it, once. I'm going to finish it tomorrow.
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