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  • Nah havent got one yet. Was going to go order one next time i go to perth but there is a guy selling one in the quokka for 1400 bucks, only used once, so i may do a dash to perth tomorrow arvo if he still has it and have a look on sunday. Fingers crossed ha ha.
    yep as far as im aware ive been slack ill call the Water Corp monday and get clearence for the venue...have been real busy with work commits and rebuilding a new baja, sorry mate ill get to work on it
    i live on a farm northeast of albany so we drive them here a fair bit, but anywhere i can find good dunes i'll have a look at.
    Ok cool. Where do you tend to run them down there?? Other than out at Cheynes beach. My names Robb by the way to.
    theyre pretty thin on the ground, i know of two or three but thats about it. but if youre down here and want to have a bash drop us a line. my young bloke and i are always looking for an excuse to take ours for a run
    Hey mate. Are there many guys around albany with Baja's. Im going to buy a 5T soon and im regularly down there over there the speedway season and have a few friends down there.
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