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  • great to hear from you Mike, had a bit of snow over here....not been out for a while too dam cold lol, that motor your putting in your rigs i have not heard of them are they new?
    There is a lot of diff. ones out now can't say. If I would get one or not don't now eney one that has one close to me. read about them a lot sounds like it would be some thing to have when u race a lot or just need extra speed so ur always the lead Dog LOL.
    Hi buddy, what do you think of the 2 speed gears that are on the market at the moment?? hear some good thngs about them.... going to see a friend in a week or two who as 2 speed fitted bet i will want them fitted to my rig..LOL
    Hello buddy, all fine over here mate, yes its been a while but i have not done much with my rig for a while but when the weather gets a bit better i will be out, some good upgrades you are doing..... allways great to hear from you over there in the sunny USA..
    Hi Mike how's things? Is your Baja OK?? I"d just would like to wish you and your family a merry Christmas...... And have a great new year, have you done any more work to your rig?
    HI Mike, i'm fine thanks bud, hows yourself?? went out with the rig last week had some tuning problems found it was a air leak from the grommet on the tank fixed now just got to find some time to take it for a razz!!!!!
    Hi Mike, all good over here bud weather is not to clever though......have you tried the metal spur gear??????? i'm thinking of changing my pipe but i don't know which one yet, but will let you know.
    Hi Mike how's things going? Your rig OK? Had starting issues with my rig, couldn't for the life of me figure out what's wrong with the darn thing so I've popped a spare engine I have refitted and it fired up 3rd pull, going to strip the engine down and find out what's wrong........a couple of weeks ago the company I work for as decided to call it a day so I'm hoping some buyer will turn up otherwise I'm out of a job, couldn't belief it when we all got told!!! Anyway enough of that how's everything over there? All good I hope.....
    Mick in the UK, and yes it's still cold and
    Hi bud great to hear from you, only just finished your DIY!!!!!!! That's took a while, LOL
    Hope your wife is pleased,( they normally hard to please).....nice to hear your rig is on good form. Too hot to run your rig it's bloody cold over here bud, wish I could say it's to hot......will look forward to the pics...
    Cheers Mick from the cold UK....speak to you soon.
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