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  • Darrel, how was the Holidays?

    Sending a PM instead of a text, just want some info and don't like butting in when someone is home and off duty. Now that I have the 5b rebuilt, stronger and meaner, I'm thinking about tracks. Are you using anti-sway bars on yours. Using the 30.5 long rod with a can and 16/58 gears with MiniMX and Badlands. Using the low gears and can to try to slow it down some. If that doesn't work there's a Promod 29.5, and a old, run out 30.5 CY that I have a OBR stroker kit for, that I haven't rebuilt yet. Ended up getting 3 new engines from Sean instead.

    Oh, I went by the BMX track just before Christmas. Really dusty. It would be nice if there was a hose we could use to wet it down. And the next time I run there, I'll bring an 8' stepladder and set it up in the middle. Hard running when you can't see.
    My thread got deleted? I'll have to check on that one. hmmm.

    I haven't had a chance to get out to the track in a while. If I'm not working, which has been late hours lately, I'm spending time with my family or getting ready for the next race.... It's been really crazy for me lately.

    I hear ya about the track. I wish I didn't get shot down when I presented them with an option to make it better.... I may bring it up again, with the base, as soon as I'm done with this race series I'm in. 2 more races over the next couple of months and then I can settle down a bit. :) I hope anyway.
    Hi ballsoutBaja,
    You sold me on your review on the vanquish front arms. Saw your tutorial as well. Just need your expert advice, I'm considering using the IRC big bore shocks with the vanquish front arms set, along with the turtle racing shock tower combo (I've got a hpi 5sc). Do you know of anyone that's using this combination and not having any fitting issues? I've seen others on the forum, (not many) that are having issues with the vanquish arms and the IRC bb shocks. Your advice will be much appreciated.

    Thanks Hailo!! I need to do some updating and stuff. Been trying to find any video and race results. I can't seem to find any final stuff...

    Anyway, I'm stoke with my 2nd in Sportsman Truck and 3rd in Sportsman Buggy. Good times out there too!
    yes i do. you just want me to hold onto it for a few before i send it out? that way, if you dont need it, its not hanging around?
    Right on, thanks Tim. The funny thing is, it may become the traveling CF... I just sent Barndog a few PMs, back and forth, about his skins he's made. If I can work out a deal with him, I may not use the CF.. :) We'll see though. You got my address?
    Got a piece of CF i ll be sending out to you tomorrow. RUFast, Joe, pmed me last week about it, and i just didnt have the time to get it out, but i ll be on its way tomorrow for you.
    71kidcasper, It's p to you man. I'm more than happy to help out and to be honest, I'd rather you use it and come up with something as I really didn't like running it without any kind of protection. I guess the real question is, what's the time frame you are looking at? If you think it's going to be another 2 weeks or so, I could probably handle that. If it's going to be a month or so, I may need it back to woop up on some guys...
    I need to redesign the way my bumpers are attatched. If you need your exhaust back let me know and I will take all the measurements I need and get it back to you. Thanks
    Yeah man, I was in Pakistan for 5 1/2 months and it kicked my ass! About the same weather. Stepped in Iraq for about 30 sec once but that was about it. I know exactly what you're talking about with all the "gifts" when you get home. I usually just ordered some of the big stuff every month or so and asked the wife to throw it out in the garage. That way it didn't seem as bad as getting a bunch of stuff all at once. Then I would order the rest of the small stuff two days before returning home so I was there when the mail man came a-knocking.... :>)

    OBR 27.2 full mod with reed sounds way sweet. I talked to Sean there at OBR and told him I wanted something with a pretty good kick and would be reliable. He told me to get the Race Mod 26. I don't know if it comes with reeds or not, I will ask.

    Are you military or contractor? I'm active duty so I asked about a military discount and I'm pretty sure they're hooking me up... He did mention a military discount...
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