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    Finnish popstar

    What do you guys think about this young Finnish popstar? I think hi is awesome!!!:cool: Hi is just 13-year old, so i think hi might be the next Finnish superstar.. More songs you can find on spotify/youtube....
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    Noisy Boy - Custom Baja 5B/5T

    Engine sounds very good to me, love those rooster engines :)
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    Turtle makes mcd parts

    Hello TR owners and fans. I would like to know, are your from TR interested to start do alloy hop up´s to mcd cars? I have one, and also have baja and maybe buy losi too. I like your company products, in my baja, i have never broke any TR part so far, and i have driven it like a psyco. So id...
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    Walbro wt-1052

    Hello guys. Has some one tryed this walbro wt-1052 carburator? One local guy has this carburator, and his engine wont start no how with this carb, it is just floating the engine very badly.. What kind adjustment you have used when using this carburator? Engine is also rcmk´s manufactured. Not...
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    Baja accident

    Went to my local bash place to test some modifications i made to my car today, and ofcourse it did not went like i planned to be..:censored: Car did worked well, but that stock throtle linkage is pure crap.. It did failed and leave thortle on position.. This what happend...
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    Mother´s day bash on a sand pit

    This was the car what i used on these videos.
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    Supercharger anyone?:) HPI Baja RB supercharger.
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    GIZMO MOTORS pro lite 28,5cc kit

    This engine is fraking grazy.. We put this kit to my brother mcd and, deam that thing rips... This is just testing session and carburator needles are not fine tuned yet.
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    Track training

    First time ever track race.. This video is from last autum, and i was training the track.. This spring i hope we will get some new video, or i hope so..:p My brother has a mcd rrv4 but i was still faster than him, because my baja was so fast on straight, but every one know who has driven baja...
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    VERY cool ford focus
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    Smoking some tires with gizmo pro mod baja No grip at all, too much power or those grp tires just dont bite to the tarmac..
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    Victory-rc new bigbore pipes to twin

    Sorry guys, but i think these new vrc bigbore pipes to twin engine are not very cool.. I ment that way these are going to be mouned to the car is not the way i would like to do it, the pipe it self look good, but the way they are going to be on baja is not that cool... I just dont get it...
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    HPI Baja Snow Cross at Ousa with DJI Phantom Quadcopter

    Enjoy folks..:)
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    BZM 50cc baja on a frozen lake race

    One Finnish guy have some fun with bzm 50cc baja on a frozen lake:)
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    Cool stickers on your baja

    I bought this one from Greece.. I think it is coolest i have put in my car so far..