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    drive cup and dog done help

    When ever I drive my 5t the dog bone comes out of the cup. It has brand new cups and good condition bones. I can't figure out why this keeps happening. Thanks for the help.
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    Southwest MI Bash

    The other day I posted some pics of my 1/5 scale, off road track on a thread. Then "shotimes" gave me a great idea. A Southwest MI Bash. So I'm trying to set it up. I'm think about having it in early August. If you think you can make the drive and would be up for it please post on this thread if...
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    Largescale bash.

    Anyone going to the largescale bash on the 18th at largescale rc?
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    Air leaks?

    I've been trying to get my baja to start and run good for the past two weeks, and seems to keep on getting air leaks out of the head gasket. I'm running just and obr 30.5 prostock. Any idea on why I keep getting air leaks out of the head gasket.
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    Sway bars

    Is it hard on your baja to run it without the rear sway bar?
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    Clutch durability

    What's the most durable clutch set up as far as the actual clutch and clutch spring.
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    Engine revs

    I have the obr 30.5 prostock. It has about a gallon through it, and it seems like after I run it for about 3 minutes it takes it a long time to hit the power band and get into the power. Any ideas why? Also it's running at 240 degrees fahrenheit. Is that a reasonable temp?
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    Fludding issue?

    When I take my baja out for a run it runs great but later when I try starting it, to run it again, it won't start.after taking the filter off and spark plug out along with pulling the cord about 25 times, which is how I unflud, it starts. When I pull the pull start with out the plug in it shoots...
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    Clutch lifetime

    Does anyone know how to extend the lifetime of a clutch. The engine is only a 30.5 prostock and the clutch gets ruined really fast. Any help?
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    Gear mesh problem.

    I'm running 17/57 gears and they don't seem to mesh right. When I push the baja it sounds like the gears get meshed tighter and looser. After running it a while one side of the spur gear gets stripped. The bell isn't bent and the lay shaft doesn't look like its bent. Does anyone no what the...
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    Weird Engine problem?

    I was driving my baja on my track today and I wrecked and had to fix it. So after I fixed it I tried to start it up and it wouldn't start. I found out that it was fluded so after I got it unfluded it started but I had to lean it out and then it ran fine. Next I stopped the engine to put the body...
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    Tap size

    Does anyone know the tap size to tap a front hub so you can use a screw instead of clip?
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    Pinion gear movement

    I have the tgn enclosed clutch cover and now that I have that on the pinion and bell have a little play (they move back and forth about 3mm in the bearing). Is that normal.
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    Posting pictures help

    I downloaded the drop box app to my iPad but I can't figure out how to put any pictures on a post. I can't seem to figure out how to put them in public. If any one can help that would be great.