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  • Hello Ed, how do you purchase items for sale on this forum. I would like to buy some used turtle racing parts and have no idea where to begin. I do have a paypal account. Thanks Ryan
    Hello Ed, thanks again for all your help to me and my son at baja fest. We are planning to head down the baja modifiers on October the 8th to check out the tracks and burn some fuel. Are you and John planning on making the trip? Take care. Ryan
    I bought 2 aluminum balls for the upper arms. Thet are TOO tight for now. I need to run them in some more but all in all She Is "TIGHT"
    When we gonna run. The winter is around the corner lol.
    Sorry for the late reply.. When you go to the Upgrade RC site, then to the radio wraps you just have to click on "radio type" there is a drop down menu there and the 3PM is listed..
    That Z is beautiful! I bet that thing hauls!

    I have a friend with a short throw shifter, cold air intake, intercooler, new exhaust and man his hauls ASS!

    Keep ridin'!
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