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    Axis Rocket Stand features more adjustability!

    We have added an extra leg position to our already versatile work stand! All stands now have the option to set the legs in a low position if desired. This allows the user to lower the stand another 7.5 inches. Now it is adjustable from 51" all the way down to 28", which allows the user to sit...
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    Swivel attachment for axis stand

    Axis r/c is proud to announce the availability of our swivel for the Rocket Stand! It has many beneficial features such as: -Tips up to 45 degrees in either direction. -Allows user to tip vehicle sideways or endwise. -Incorporates a neutral lockout pin if tipping is not needed. -Adjustable...
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    Axis r/c Billet bottom caps for 5ive shocks

    Axis r/c is proud to announce our new aluminum bottom o-ring retainer caps for the Losi 5ive. We CNC machine them from 7075 aluminum and we also redesigned the geometry at the bottom of the cap to prevent failure. These are available now at , $24.99/pair or $44.99 set of four...
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    losi fixture for Axis stand !!

    We are proud to announce the Losi fixture for the Axis stand is finally done and will be shipping to Largescale r/c, DDM and Ultimate r/c shortly! The fixture is made from 11 gauge (1/8") mild steel and features a powder coat finish for maximum durability. The clamping feature keeps the truck...
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    Axis R/C stands

    Axis R/C stands are back in stock at DDM and Largescale R/C, just in time for the holidays..
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    Axis Stands in stock

    Hey HBF, The Axis r/c stands are back in stock! Sorry for the delay!
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    Axis R/C stand

    This is Bob from Axis R/C. The response and feed back on our stand has been awesome! In order to make it more affordable, we have decided to lower the price to $349 retail. It appears there is enough interest, so we will price it at a higher volume to get the price lower. One thing we won't...