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    2014 OFSOC Season Schedule

    OKAY FOLKS!!! HERE IS WHAT ALL THE 1/5 SCALE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR... THE 2014 ONTARIO FIFTH SCALE OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP SCHEDULE Put on by RC Acres - 1476 highway 5, Hamilton, Ontario May 11 - Points race #1 @RC Acres May 25 - Non-points race #1 @RC Acres June 1 - Points race #2 @RC...
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    2014 Ontario Fifth Scale Off-Road Championship Registration is now OPEN

    First off, thank you to all those who made our first season in 2013 as successful as it was. How we handle the track and procedures doesn't make it great. It's the reactions and enjoyment that we see you have that makes it great. Thank you again. That being said, let's proceed in to an even...
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    Help form a database

    There are lots of largescale events going on, and I'm working with RC Sign Up in forming a 1/5 scale database so it can be used when signing up for large scale events. If you are familiar with RC Sign Up, you'll see it's VERY informative, and VERY excellent to use when hosting, or signing up...
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    RC Acres Exhibition 1/5 Race - $1000 in prizes!!! - REGISTRATION OPEN

    The schedule will be the following this week.....qualifying will be in group format we will call classes there will be 3 classes only if we have enough entries for each class. There is no amateur or pro there will be 15 min qualifiers for each class all day. We will take the fastest 13 drivers...
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    RC Acres Exhibition 1/5 Race - $1000 in prizes!!!

    See it on the RC Acres facebook here: LINK "All you 1/5 scalers are invited to try to qualify for the exhibition race. There will be 13 drivers on the stand. We will be holding a special day just dedicated to qualifying. We know the 4wd class is no problem, 2wd guys if we have enough we will do...