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  • what oil seals did you use? DDM sells the ones that will fit Zenoah or CY. Are they the ones that you used? Thanks, Kirk
    Thanks for info on the clutch plate bolt - found web site but unless i'm reading it wrong which probably the case as I'm new to this, HPI calls for a 6mmx16mm bolt on the parts list?
    Did my Alaska trip in July 2005. The road was better then I tough just had to watch out for the gravel patches and the wild life. The worst places where in the construction areas.
    I Saw you pictures from your bike trip up the alaska highway, hope you had fun...... I'm curently killing time in destruction bay then off to beaver creek(at the canadian/us boarder) till friday ."Then all the way back down too dawson creek and on to calgary. When did you do your trip, and how was the road?
    hi there mate, just pm u to say a personal hello and thanks for the help, you seem like a cool person. anyway i'm new the Baja world so i'm trying to sort out myself of what to buy and all to complete it, i really appreciate your help. So is it easy or a hard time to build the SS bro?
    Would be great to get to gather all depends on work goes as I have been working VERY little in the past couple of months but please do keep me posted.
    Hey 46u. I will be visiting back home in GA soon. I wont have my Baja with me, but Ive read that you frequent an R/C track in the area that supports 1/5th scale racing, and are into the R/C scene in general. Want to try and hang out some if I get the time?
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